Introducing a fresh addition for 2024 - our secluded Wellness Oasis. This serene space features a dedicated practice Yurt, therapy tents, a relaxation zone, and direct river access. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating experiences for the body, mind and soul with a rotating roster of skilled teachers, facilitators and practitioners. Below are some of our offerings in Summer 2023.

A wide range Yoga classes are on offer throughout the summer ranging from an invigorating morning Vinyasa Flow to a relaxing Yin or Nidra class, from martial arts inspired Satria Yoga to a Kundalini class there is something on offer for everyone and all levels.


Weaving Magic is a workshop for adults to create their own Nature Wands incorporating natural materials and infuse their wands with intentions for a meditative experience. They leave with a personal Nature Wand for meditation, ritual, or as a reminder of their connection to nature.

Mindful Crafting

A guided breath work journey to leave you feeling reset, grounded and alive. If you’ve heard all the talk about breath work and wondered what it’s all about – this is your chance to come experience it for yourself.


Activate the parasympathetic nervous system and slip into a deep relaxation, heal on a cellular level & immerse yourself in the magic of sound. Perfect for those that wish to receive.

Sound Healing

Come together in an intentional space sipping ceremonial cacao while setting new intentions, sharing insights and fostering connection with meditation and visualisation exercises.

Cacao Ceremony

Mat Pilates is an energizing practice that focuses on toning, stretching and elongating the muscles. It shares many common threads with yoga, including a focus on alignment, mind/body connection, and specific breathing techniques.


A variety of all levels classes ranging from Camp Runs tp Bootcamp, from Stretch & Flow to MMA training happening throughout the summer.

Fitness Classes

A unique and transformative dance experience, this Sacred Rave | Ecstatic Dance session is a journey of self-exploration by engaging the body, soul and subconscious mind.

Ecstatic Dance

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Private Reiki treatments are available to book over the weekends.



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