11 to 13 AUGUST

The Seed Collective, is a group of dedicated wellness practitioners from South London who aim to facilitate deeper connections with oneself, others, and nature. They will be offering a diverse range of practices and workshops, including a Cacao and Breathwork Session, Sound Healing, Yoga, Mindful Crafts and Kids Outdoors sessions. These transformative experiences are designed to help participants connect with themselves and others on a deeper level, while also fostering a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Rachel bednarski


Rachel is an international yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher, Reiki healer, and embodiment coach working to guide you back to the wisdom of your body so you can live from the inside-out rather than driven by the demands of the outside world.

sound healing with Laura


Over the last decade Laura has been inspired by the ancient teachings and practices that help us to find wholeness and balance in our everyday lives. Laura’s passion has grown over the years to enable her to bring these teachings into the lives of others.

Alice yoga


Alice is Art teacher and Forest School leader, with experience of working with children for over 15 years. She believes that connection to nature, play and creativity are our connection to our own inner magic.

the seed poppy at wild canvas


Poppy is on a mission to spread well-being through the work that she does, helping people evolve into a deeper, more harmonious connection to this planet, to themselves and to others.


Laura Devonshire

MORNING YOGA - Vinyasa Flow Dynamic with LAURA

11, 12, 13 AUG | 10:00-11:00
This dynamic class is fun and challenging, connecting breath to movement to create a mindful flow that builds strength and stability in the body whilst stretching and releasing leaving you feeling energised and relaxed all in one! Classes are open level for all abilities – with modifications for newer and more experienced yogis.

sound healing with Laura


11 AUG | 17:00-18:30
Tibetan Singing Bowls create beautiful and powerful multi-layered pulses of sound that affect our brainwaves. During sound healing the singing bowls entrain the brain to move from Beta brainwaves, our normal waking state to Theta brainwaves that are dominant in deep meditation. It is in theta that our senses withdraw from the external world and focus within. Through sound healing we are working to restore and rebalance the vibrational frequency in all the cells, tissues, organs of the whole body, encouraging equilibrium and homeostasis.

poppy & rachel


12 AUG | 17:00-19:00
A guided breathwork journey, supported by cacao, to leave you feeling reset, grounded + ALIVE If you've heard all the talk about breathwork and wondered what it's all about - this is your chance to come experience it for yourself.
This is for you if you've been feeling stuck in life, overwhelmed, like you can't rest, you want a deeper connection with yourself and your body, you would love the connection and space to get clear on your intentions OR if you're just curious about what breathwork and cacao can do for you.

kids outdoor workshop at Wild Canvas Camping


12 AUG | 10:00-11:00
The session, led by Alice, will include a mix of activities such as mindfulness, nature hunts, sharing our knowledge of nature, stories, games, creating art inspired by the natural world. These sessions are free and children under 7 need to be accompanied by an adult. Parents of those over 7 are also welcome to stay.

make a lantern with Alice


11 AUG | 11:00-12:00
Design and make your very own colorful lantern. All materials provided. Includes electric tea lights for your lanterns. Open to children 5+ and under 7s to be accompanied by an adult.

kids nature wands at Wild Canvas Camping

CREATING MAGIC - Nature Wands and Crowns

12 AUG | 11:30-13:00
In this workshop, using nature as inspiration, children will create their own magic wands and crowns. All materials will be provided but if your child has any natural treasures they would like to incorporate then do bring them along! 

Under 7s must be accompanied by an adult who will work collaboratively with them on their creations. All parents are welcome to stay to support their children and make their own magic wands and crowns if they would like!

Alice yoga

WEAVING MAGIC - Nature Wands for Adults

13 AUG | 13:00-14:30
Weaving Magic is a workshop for adults to create their own Nature Wands, connecting with nature and exploring creativity. Participants incorporate natural materials and infuse their wands with intentions for a meditative experience. They leave with a personal Nature Wand for meditation, ritual, or as a reminder of their connection to nature..


Our activities program will be published below in due course and available for pre booking.