Timeless, soaring, elemental…

Tipis have evolved over millennia into elegant, practical dwellings and it is little wonder that so many consider this traditional home of the Native American plains tribes the ultimate camping experience.

Staying in a Tipi is uplifting. Their beauty is timeless, their majestic presence adds soul to any outdoor event. Due to the nature of their design, their interiors are spacious, with ample head room for even the tallest of guests.

Our tipis are made in Somerset, at Hearthworks Tipis, by local crafts people. Many of the materials used are biodegradable; the wooden frames, tipi poles, tent pegs, pure wool felt covers and coconut matting. Tipi poles are all made from local, sustainably sourced wood. The covers are sewn from robust long-lasting polycotton canvas.

Tipis are traditional structures and may not be suited for everyone, their entrances do not zip shut, their ground sheets are not fully sealed with their walls like modern tents. Instead, they have an inner liner which keeps out draughts whilst allowing the structure to breathe and channel air upwards. Tipis embrace nature rather than shutting it out, as such, the odd insect could wonder in. However, sitting inside a traditional tipi constructed entirely from natural materials, experiencing the spaciousness and simplicity of its design, creates a magical feeling few tents can rival.

Tipi Rental Prices (Min 3 Nights)

Tipi: £160 per night (up to 2 people)
Extra Adult: £26 per night
Extra Child aged 3-15: £12 per night
Children under 3: free
Max 6 people

Booking Notes;
On the booking form, first select Tipi / Pitch.
Then, add any extra adults or children as required, up to a maximum of 6.
ensure you select at least 3 nights or availability will not show.

Tipi Includes:

  • heavy duty waterproof groundsheet
  • floor mats, inner liner, rain catcher
  • cotton rugs
  • beds, bedding, wool blankets
  • coffee table
  • tea lights / lanterns
  • wastebin
  • outdoor table and 2 chairs
  • external fire dish


On site:

  • a beautiful riverside setting
  • food and drink available on site
  • car free camping area, free car park
  • a selection of free and paid daily activities
  • compost toilets, hot showers



£26 pp | 3 nights min.

Child under 3: free,  3-15: £12

Grassy camping fields along the banks of River Ouse; perfect for a cool morning dip. 


From £100 / night

3 nights min.

Spacious, pre-pitched Tipi style canvas tent. Book the basic unit or one with furnishing.