Why not design your own wellness retreat at Wild Canvas? We have scheduled daily wellness offerings that range from an early morning Qigong meditation to a Cacao Ceremony along with a comprehensive yoga and pilates program. Please see below for more information and the booking link.

Yoga & Pilates

Daily Yoga and Pilates Classes will be on offer throughout the summer led by the expert teachers of East of Eden Yoga Studio. East of Eden is an acclaimed Yoga and Pilates studio and lifestyle hub in Walthamstow. NE London, founded by Abby McLachlan in 2015.
east of eden


Dates: All Summer | Times: Daily Morning and Evening Classes
Morning classes will get you ready for the day with a range of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Dynamic Yoga and Pilates classes. Evenings will be focused on relaxation and will include Yin, Yoga Nidra and Restorative practices. Gong Baths offered on Saturday evenings. Please check our activity boards on site for the daily class and teacher info. Yoga and Pilates classes are priced at £10 and Sound Baths at £15 and open for all levels.

Some of the classes on offer are:

Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa flow links movement, breath and sequence. It tends to be based around sun salutations, however you are unlikely to experience the same sequence twice. It can be a fairly dynamic practice that is accompanied by music, however it can also be quiet and slow, and it all depends on the teacher.

Yin/Restorative Yoga | £10
Yin yoga creates space in the body by working with the deep connective tissue fascia. Restorative yoga is very much about relaxing. For both, expect to stay in postures for a longer length of time using bolsters, blankets, and blocks to prop yourself into the pose without having to exert any effort. More rejuvenating than a nap.

Gong Bath | 31 July and 14 August Only
Meditation and gentle movement using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about a meditative state making you feel relaxed.

Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is slower in pace and more traditional and spiritual in approach. This type of yoga is suitable for all levels and you will get a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. We also offer hatha flow classes which is a stronger style of hatha yoga with more flowing movement than in a traditional hatha class. Expect to build some strength and get your heart rate up.

Pilates - Mat, Power and Mobility
Pilates emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance, and there’s a much lower chance of injury than in other exercises. Special attention is given to building core strength and improving the alignment and flexibility of the spine.

Children’s Yoga

Our Children’s and Family Yoga offering this year is in collaboration with the amazing Seedlings Wellbeing. They are a wonderful company with passion and mission to bring yoga, mindfulness, mental and physical wellbeing to children.



Dates: All Summer | Times: Various, please see booking section below
Seedlings Wellbeing believe in giving young people the tools to quiet their mind and truly understand their bodies by showing them how to have healthy control over their thoughts, feelings and actions. Using Yoga, Mindfulness with Growth Mindset language in their unique programme they give even very young children the ability to remain calm and centred, no matter what is happening in their world, leading to more resilient, positive, happy and confident children.

Ages 4-7 & Ages 8-11
A fun and engaging, drop-off activity for the little and not so little ones, where they will have some fun exploring different themes with creative yoga stories, enjoy yoga postures, creative movement, mindful games and dreamy guided relaxation. There are two sessions back to back, a younger and older age group which will vary in content.

SEEDLINGS Song and Crafts | £8
Ages 6-11
Let's get creative and expressive. These drop-off sessions will include mindful crafting, singing and shaking it all out, ending with a guided relaxation. Some of the craft projects include making relaxing lavender eye pillows, stick mobiles, percussive instruments, underwater scapes which the children get to keep.

Family Nature Yoga | £8
Ages 3+ with one child accompanied by one parent
Come and have some fun, with mindful nature walking, nature mandalas, sharing, creative yoga stories and relaxation. Great for bonding with your little one, stretching and having fun.

Family Nature Yoga Taster | Free
Ages 3+ with one child accompanied by one parent
A shorter drop-in version of our Family Yoga Class. Check the activities board for dates and times.

Eastern Practices

We are pleased to offer QIGONG, TAIJI and ACUPUNCTURE this year with practitioner Luke Warburton

QiGong, Taiji, Accupuncture - Luke Warburton

Luke is a QiGong and Taiji instructor and also practices Chinese medicine as a qualified acupuncturist. He is trained in both western and eastern medical theory. He takes an integrated approach to treatment addressing the root causes of illness or discomfort as well as the presenting symptoms. Before working as a practitioner he was a student of Chinese martial arts, Taijiquan & Qigong, which led to a fascination with human physiology and studied Tuina and Chinese medicine 5 years at Westminster University. He now runs his own clinic in London.

Daily Morning QIGONG Practice | Free
(24 July 02 August & 11-30 August)

Luke Warburton’s meditative standing and movement practice with breath work. Begin the day locating your baseline of comfortable relaxed calm. Open up a physical dialogue to get on better speaking terms with your body, your balance and your human side. Ages 14+ and all abilities are welcome.

TAI-CHI Workshop | £10
(29 July, 14, 19, 26 August)

Based on the traditions originating in China. Explore some Taiji, including mobility and strengthening exercises, developed to improve balance, mental clarity and focus. This class will include postures and movement practice, partner exercises and playful physical movement. Ages 14+ and all abilities are welcome.



BETWEEN 24 JULY-02 AUG & 11-30 AUG

SEATED TREATMENTS | Cost: £30 - Bookable on site
Shorter moving bodywork treatments using pressure and massage techniques aimed at relaxing your system, releasing stiff upper body, including back, neck, shoulders, arms wrists.

ACUPUNCTURE / BODYWORK | Cost: £60 - Bookable on site
Precision needling of key points, zones, areas of the body to relax and alleviate pain, unlock areas of habitual tension and encourage flow to your system. Acupuncture draws on the vast accumulated wisdom of Chinese medicine


We are happy to welcome back Kate Magic who will be leading uplifting Yoga Magic sessions as well as Cacao Ceremonies, Reiki, and she will be sharing her knowledge on nutrition and building natural immunity in her talks.



Kate is a professional health educator who has taught in over 25 countries around the world. She is founder of, Europe’s leading resource for cutting edge health foods. Kate has been practicing yoga for 30 years. She completed her 200 hr training with Stewart Gilchrist, one of the UK’s foremost yoga teachers. She is certified and insured by Yoga Alliance Professionals.


23-26 July, 03-05 Aug, 30 Aug
Kate Magic will take you through some dynamic sequences to warm your body up and get you ready for the day. Includes Reiki.

YOGA MAGIC with Kate and DJ Soulprovyder | £15

25 July, 05 Aug, 29 Aug
New for 2021, Kate is combining her love of music and her love of yoga in a unique new offering. This two-hour event is a Vinyasa-based flow accompanied by a live DJ to take you on a meditative journey. The class is suitable for all levels; the emphasis is not on achieving perfect postures but on really being in your body and having fun with it. The class incorporates a mini-dance break, so you can really shake it all out, let go, and feel the bliss of release. There is a long savasana and meditation at the end, so you can incorporate the healing effects of the practice into your system, and use the energy created to offer up prayers for the peace, joy and freedom of all.​


25 July, 05 Aug, 29 Aug
Join Kate Magic for an evening of upliftment and inspiration. A cacao ceremony is a fun way to shift into your heart space and use the time to release old discordant patterns, welcome in new, more resonant frequencies. Kate’s cacao ceremonies include a gratitude circle, intention setting, gentle yoga, guided meditation and Reiki. We will provide the cacao; you just need to bring a glass jar with a lid to prepare your drink in.

YIN YOGA | £10

04 AUG
Yin Yoga is a meditative practice, suitable for all levels. Sedentary poses are held for longer, working into connective tissues to open your body & restore balance. Designed to take you into a deep rest.

REIKI | £45

Yin Yoga is a meditative practice, suitable for all levels. Sedentary poses are held for longer, working into connective tissues to open your body & restore balance. Designed to take you into a deep rest.

raw magic retreat


02-06 AUGUST 2021
Celebrate Lammas with us! Take time out to be fully catered and looked after by Kate and her team. Lammas is the midpoint between the Solstice and the Equinox, and a time for early harvest, and giving thanks for the abundance of the year so far. Take four days to restore your energies, ready for the next solar cycle.

Enjoy raw vegan cuisine at its highest level, fun and educational workshops, and a whole bunch of new like-minded friends.

For more information and booking please visit: Wild Canvas guests can choose to book individual sessions from the retreat program or attend all sessions including food with day passes.