Wild Canvas is a place to enjoy the earthy luxury of Tipis or regular camping and experience the goodness in simple living, a place to gather round the fire with friends and family, a place to reconnect.

“The big music festivals may have been cancelled this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find a campsite with a family festival atmosphere. Wild Canvas have set about offering exactly that, with tipis from the organisers of the Tipi Field at Glastonbury Festival and a concoction of local food, family-friendly workshops and small-scale DJ sessions. Think boutique festival camping but without drunken teenagers tripping over your guy ropes in the middle of the night. ‘Good vibes only’, as the kids would say.”

Cool Camping

Not just a campsite, not quite a festival, Wild Canvas is a family-friendly, pop-up camping experience with a mild festival ambience. Fresh air, outdoor living, wellness, workshops, activities, food and drink, all to a gentle summer soundtrack from some of our lovely DJ friends. We hope that your holiday with us will not only be enjoyable, but also uplift and inspire you. 


We bring together a fun and talented bunch of people, headed by Ilke, Camilla, Doug and Serkan, with a love of the outdoors, camping, tipis and a history of producing gatherings and music festivals. 


Our wonderful Tipis are provided by Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts based in Glastonbury. Hearthworks are the award winning organisers of the Tipi Field at Glastonbury Festival and also provide accommodation to many other festivals across the UK. Check out the Hearthworks website here.