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The Mighty Zaf

The Mighty Zaf is one of the top handful of House and Disco DJs in the world playing original and rare musical gems on vinyl. Zaf's DJ set at Wild Canvas last year was one of the highlights of the month and we are super happy to have him back again this year.

From a family of music heads and record collectors, Zaf has collected records since he was a child. By the mid 80’s his record collecting became such an obsession that it was proving impossible to satisfy financially so he decided to leave an apprenticeship as a film editor and take a job at Reckless Records, Soho in 1988. It was only supposed to be for a short time, but he ended staying there for 17 years. During this time I came into contact with countless DJs, musicians, producers & collectors. He DJ-ed extensively during the 80’s & 90’s but also became a private record dealer to many hardcore collectors around the world. Zaf now runs his own much acclaimed 'Love Vinyl' record shop in Shoreditch, London.

Through his acclaimed disco compilations for BBE Records Zaf has shown his skill in finding rare gems in soulful Disco music and presenting them to new audiences. With the current revival in Vinyl, Zaf's unique sets are now highly sought after!